Avocado Seed – The Health and Beauty Benefits

An avocado seed is a stone like fruit enclosed in a protective outer covering of a flowering plant called the avocado tree. The avocado tree is a commercially valuable plant that grows well in tropical and Mediterranean climates. Being famous in the south central parts of Mexico, avocado tree bears numerous fruits at a time, each fruit is botanically a large berry that consists of a single seed.

Avocado Seed

According to the research by science.gov, an avocado seed extract has no genotoxic activity in the micronucleus, when used by humans. Although before adding them to medicines, cosmetics or any alimentary products, it is necessary to assess any toxicological and genotoxic evaluations to establish safety.

How long does it take an avocado seed to grow?

After cross-pollination of the out door grown the avocado tree, the tree will flower and bear fruits between five to twenty years, properly grown on a prepared soil of ideally any PH. However, the soil must be low in saline with plenty of drainage.

How to treat an avocado seed?

Hot water treatment With the different varieties of avocado seeds, treating them for 30 minutes at a temperature of 1250F helps to remove fungi which ultimately shows a remarkable increase in the rate of germination of the planted seeds. Similarly, storing heat-treated avocado seeds is essential because it will help to increase its productivity. Drying the avocado seeds for later use.

After opening or cutting the avocado fruit, remove the avocado seed and place it into an oven for two hours. Make sure to set the temperature of the oven at 2500F. Wait until the outer skin peels off. Once this happens, remove the dried seed or pit and place against a knife blade until it is cut into two parts. Continue cutting it into smaller pieces, then use a blender to grind it until it turns powdery. Now, it is ready human consumption.

How to eat avocado seeds

After bending or milling the avocado seed into powder, you should properly store it in a closed in an air-tight container and put it into a fridge. You can always add the powder to juices, smoothies, yogurts or even make tea. But because of the bitter taste of the powder, adding sweet and strong flavors like strawberry, pineapple and banana will make the seed powder into an edible form.

Making of Falafel sandwich

Falafels are sandwiched or salad like fried Mediterranean foods made by pairing pita bread and falafel recipe. So, while making a falafel, a peeled cucumber is sandwiched with a recipe of an avocado seed powder pairing it with humus.

Avocado Ice Cream

Because the avocado seed is full of fat that is ideal for ice cream making, the avocado powder is used to mint a layer of banana while making an ice cream cake.

Extracting Avocado Seed

The benefits of an avocado seed

Are you aware that eating avocado seeds is essential for your health? Yes, avocado seeds are rich in antioxidants called anthocyanins which are crucial in fighting against colorectal cancer. Also, the Anthocyanins antioxidants are also vital in reducing inflammation as well as aiding digestion. The avocado seed contains 50% of vitamin C, which is also vital in boosting body immunity. By keeping the body immunity high, the antioxidant in vitamin C helps to slow down the aging process.

The avocado seed oil makes your hair grow shiny while getting rid of the dead skin. Flavonoid contained in the avocado seeds will help to prevent the growth of tumors. Avocado seeds are full of fiber. Soluble fiber is a nutrient that is great at reducing blood sugar, contributing to about 8% weight loss and a powerful agent to smooth body metabolism. Proper and healthier development of the eye.

Avocado seeds contain nutrients called Lutein and Zeaxanthin responsible for the healthier growth of eyes. Studies have shown that extracts from avocado seeds can significantly reduce the symptoms of arthritis of the bones. Taking potassium rich foods helps to reduce the risk of high blood pressure and heart attack. Avocado seeds are rich in potassium, so eating them will help you to reduce the risks of strokes, Blood pressure, and kidney failure 78% of avocado seeds contain fatty acids, with the majority being oleic acid. In addition to reducing inflammation and genes linked cancer, the fatty acids also are vital to resisting heat-induced oxidation in the body.

How is avocado good for hair growth?

While moisturizing oils are extracts of avocado seeds, they are used to soothe the scalp which helps in strong, healthy and long hair growth. These oils contain amino acids and vitamins that are necessary for hair growth. Mix up some avocado oil into your hair and wait for a few minutes. Apply some shampoo and re-apply a few drops of the oil. Then you’ll notice a change in your hair with some bit of shine in it.

Fighting dandruff

Avocado seed oils are a powerful agent while treating dandruff from the hair. Benefits of using avocado seed oil for the skin. Avocado oil helps to moisturize the skin. It is also used to protect the skin from the harmful ultra violet radiations caused by the sun. To moisturize the skin, mix up a few drops of the oil and massage around the dry area. After a few minutes like 5minutes to 10, wash off the oil, the skin will be rejuvenated and left soft.

Facial treatment

Mix up a few spoonfuls of the avocado seed oil with aloe vera. Apply the facial mask to the face for about 5-10 minutes and then roughly wash the face with warm water. Your facial skin will feel nourished, moisturized and rejuvenated. The avocado oil removes all the dirt from your face, which opens up all the pores making you feel fresh.

Avocado seed side effects

Eating avocado or avocado seeds has got side effects, and these are explained below:

  • Pregnant mothers are not advised to eat avocado or avocado seeds because it can reduce milk production as well as cause damage to the mammary glands.
  • Excessive eating of avocado or avocado seeds can cause allergy.Most especially to people who are sensitive to latex.
  • Avocado consumption produces large amounts of serum IgE antibodies which are prone to causing allergic reactions with latex is a major material for most of our wearable.

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