Bad Breath: The Best Ways to Eliminate the Problem

Are you right now wondering, what are the health problems causing bad breath in your case? The answers to this question are numerous, as many health conditions can cause halitosis as a secondary symptom. As everyone’s case is unique, you need to consult your doctor as only they can give you an accurate diagnosis. However, some common conditions can cause you to experience smelly breath, and we will discuss them here.

What Are the Health Problem From Inside the Mouth?

Bad breath

It may surprise you to learn that not all bad breath problems originate in the mouth. Some come from the stomach, the digestive system, or elsewhere. But when it comes to the inside of your mouth, health problems might include gum disease or periodontitis, which is a weakening of the bones underneath the teeth. This weakening comes from excessive bacteria in the mouth and may be the result of poor oral hygiene.

The obvious remedy is such circumstances is to keep your mouth healthy by maintaining proper oral hygiene habits. Such habits can include brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing your teeth on a regular basis. You may also consider investing in a tongue scraper and mouthwash to help manage your breath condition. In more severe cases, do consult your dentist as he would be likely to recommend you the best solution that suits your needs.

What Are the Health Problems From Other Areas?

Many digestive problems are connected with bad breath. Having problems with your digestion sends acid and other elements up from the digestive tract and back through the throat, causing you bad breath. Eating foods that are hard to digest, such as red meat and dairy, can give you an unhealthy digestive system and halitosis. These foods can also allow bacteria to build up in the digestive tract; anything that gives you digestive problems such as constipation or excessive bloating and gas is likely also to give you bad breath.

For such cases, the easiest way to rectify the condition is to adjust your diet. Be mindful of what you will go a long way.

Diseases such as diabetes and kidney failure also affect the body’s chemical makeup, and this can manifest itself as bad breath. Anything that upsets the body’s hormones or chemicals can manifest itself with bad breath as a symptom.

If you’re very curious as to just what are the health problems causing bad breath in your particular case, you should speak to a doctor. Some who have done so have been surprised to find out that they have a hormonal imbalance or other such problem that needs to be treated.

4 ways to cure your bad breath

Brushing And Flossing Your Teeth

This is the best cure or treatment for bad breath you should not live about. Brushing your teeth can make your teeth and tongue clean altogether. There are many good and branded toothpaste on the market you can buy with a low price. Make sure to use a toothbrush that is suitable for your teeth and mouth size.

Flossing between teeth is a good way to remove any food particles that get stuck on it. Brushing alone might not be sufficient, that is why flossing your teeth is a good additional step to take care of your mouth. If you have an effective mouthwash for bad breath, by all means, use it.

Cut Down Your Protein

Protein has been proven to make your breath smell bad. Even worse, it is hard to cure your bad breath problem if you overeat meat, steak, and chicken. The reason is that the bad smell comes from inside your body and not from your mouth.

The only way to cure this is by controlling on what you eat.

Do Not Smoke

The best cure or treatment for bad breath for smokers is not to smoke any more cigarettes. Even if you cut down your smoking, you still going to suffer from bad breath. Let me point out by saying nothing good comes from smoking. Not only it will affect the smokers, but it is also going to affect everybody around him.

You can chew some gums or mint to temporary eliminate the bad smell. However, after several minutes, the awful smell will appear once more. If you are serious to cure your bad breath, you need to consider quitting smoking.

Drink More Water

Dry mouth can contribute to bad breath as well. When your mouth is dry, there is not enough moisture inside your mouth to remove the bacteria. It is essential for you to drink a lot of plain water to overcome this.

If you follow the above steps, I am pretty sure you will have no problem dealing with other people because now you have all the confidence in the world to talk to other people knowing that you have fresh breath. The best cure or treatment for bad breath starts from you. You need to do something about it and do not take this matter lightly.

Your breath can stink when your mouth gets dry. This can happen when you are fasting. A good, bad breath solution would be to chew sugarless gum throughout the day. This will stimulate the saliva flow in your mouth that will help remove any remnants of odor-causing food. However, you should not overdo this because it can lead to joint problems with your jaw. A few minutes of gum chewing at a time is sufficient.

You should stop drinking alcohol or anything with caffeine if you want to prevent dry mouth. You can also get dry mouth by taking medications, such as antidepressants, high blood pressure medications, and antihistamines. If you want more information on preventing dry mouth, then you should consult your dentist or doctor.

There are a lot of people that rely on commercial mouthwashes. With the hopes that it would cure bad breath, they gargle it for several seconds. You should use it right before going to bed if you want the best results. The reason for this is that the saliva flow is lowest at night which can wreck your breath. The mouthwash will stay in your mouth longer and have a stronger effect if you use it at night.

But this bad breath solution will only mask the terrible smell for several hours. Currently, it has not been shown that mouthwash can serve as a permanent cure for the bad breath.

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