Best Birth Control Options

Birth control also known as Contraception, is described as any method used by women to avoid or prevent pregnancy. In most cases, pre-marital sexual relationships results in unwanted pregnancy, which most often leads to single parenting, which puts the life of the teenager as well as that of the child at risk. This has become a major concern universally. Apart from pre-marital sex, there is a good probability that ladies become pregnant if they choose not use birth control options. It may interest you to know that unplanned pregnancy is usually common among women even with those transitioning towards menopause. These unwanted pregnancies can be prevented by the use of birth control methods. This article aims at providing necessary information on the various birth control methods available.

Best Birth Control Options

There are a quite a number of birth control options available. Your choice of using a particular birth control option should be considered by you, your partner and your doctor. This is owing to the fact that in making a choice, you need to consider various facts about yourself and your partner in terms of health. If you do not have a partner and you still want to explore the sexual world, then you should use birth control methods for protection.

Which Are Best Birth Control Options?

Whatever your options are, prevention is always better than cure.

Birth Control Pills

If you intend going for birth pills, it’s certainly advisable to first seek medical advice from your health are provider to ascertain if your body is in perfect condition in line with the pill. Medical experts have it that there are varying types of hormones in these different pills and that they should be taken judiciously. These birth control pills do not only prevent pregnancy, but also have quite a few other medical benefits. Birth control pills not only prevent pregnancy, but they also have quite a few medical benefits. These control pills are only effective in prevention of pregnancy as they do not prevent sexually transmitted diseases.


Known as one of the best birth control methods, condoms are of two types: The male and female condoms. The former, is a very old method used in controlling child birth and approximately 85% effective if used properly. Although most people find it as a barrier owing to its artificial feeling, there are now different types of improved male condoms with a natural feeling available at most drug stores globally. Some people are said to be very sensitive to it owing to latex rubber texture.

The latter being the female condom, is intended one time use. The woman inserts it into her vagina before the sexual act. It acts as a blockage as it blocks the sperm from entering the womb. It is not recommended to use the male condom alongside the female condom as it may slip out during sexual act.


These are jellies, tablets or suppositories. Spermidices are placed on the vagina close to the cervix an hour before sexual intercourse. This paralyzes the sperm as well as the cervix thus making them unable to move into the womb. It can be found in drug stores globally. It is also one of the best birth control methods as it is approximately 80% efficient.

Contraceptives PatchAnother best form of birth control method is by the use of contraceptives patch. This is a thick sticky piece made of plastic usually worn on the buttocks or the upper part of the body during sexual intercourse. It works slowly by releasing hormones that prevent the release of eggs. It is 99% effective in preventing unwanted pregnancy and very comfortable to wear.

Vaginal ring

The vaginal ring is a soft and clear ring worn in the vagina. It is a combined hormonal contraceptive that have two types of hormones similar to the hormones produced by a woman’s body. They prevent the woman body from releasing egg. It is 99% effective and rated as one of the best methods to be used in controlling child birth.

Best Birth Control Pills

Research has it that the best birth control pill is “The Combined Pill”. This is owing to the fact that it usually:

  • Gives you regular periods
  • Reduces both period pain and heavy periods
  • Helps to relieve premenstrual symptoms

The most common brands of this birth control pill are:

  • Microgynon
  • Cilest
  • Rigevidon
  • Yasmin

Although this pill is considered the best control pills, if you experience any side effect, try consulting your health doctor. As to know which pills best suits your body.
In choosing among the listed birth control methods, it is really advisable to seek the advice of your doctor or gynecologist. This will enable him/she ascertains the best form of birth control method suitable for your body. The above tips should be able to properly guide you in making proper decisions on birth control methods to use in order to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

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