Designing a Personal Body Build Program

When it comes to bodybuilding, one has to stick to a certain guide in order to attain the desired body size. The main reason as to why most people spend years with no avail in muscle building is due to the lack of a guide to help them. The body build program is designed to help one attain the desired body size within a short period of time. The problem however is in the getting of the right program to use. Designing a personal program could be a great way in avoiding the cheapjacks.

Body Build program

What do you need to know about Body Build Program?

The first thing that one needs to do to design a body build program is the setting of a realistic goal. Building muscle is a great achievement that most people wish it could be instant. The problem however is that it takes time to achieve the desired muscles. Different body types have different rates in gaining weight. Sit down and set a realistic goal of where you wish to be in a few months to come. The best goal should be in terms of months and not weeks.

The second thing that one should do is the splitting of the body parts that one wishes to exercise. During workouts, it is very easy for one to skip exercising certain body parts. Some people for example concentrate on workouts related to the arms and forget all about the legs. The consideration of all the aspects in the program will help exercise all the body parts. Make sure that the schedule allows for rest in certain body parts while the rest are being worked out. Let the schedule define on which day the upper body part is to be exercised and which ones take the lower part.

The use of the weights that you can manage is something that should never be left out in the body build program. The lifting of heavier weight does not mean that the desired goal will be attained within a shorter period of time. In fact, when using this method, one can either get injured or lose weight. The weight in use should always be that you can manage. If at all you have to add the weight, start with the lower weight and add a little weight as you progress. The pyramid training should be exercised in the body build program.

The right meal is also advised to be incorporated in the body build program. Bodybuilding requires more food. This means that one will have to increase the meals to about five to six times in a day. Take the healthy fats especially those from the flax seeds and the fish oil. 2.5g of carbohydrates in a pound of body weight should be consumed as well as 1.5g of protein per pound of the body weight. The water should also be made the staple drink. Water helps in the transport of the nutrients in the body and in the improvement of digestion.

The body build program has to be precise and followed to the letter. Have a budget of the whole project and counter if you can afford it.

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