Bowen Therapy: Natural Pain Relief Treatment

Bowen therapy is a holistic approach to natural pain relief. This technique has been in use for over half a decade and had proven to be effective.

If you have been suffering from pains that have refused to subside despite series of medications and therapies; do not give up, there is yet another type of therapy that is unique and effective. It is known as the Bowen therapy.

We will be discussing immensely on what Bowen therapy all about in this post.

Bowen Therapy Natural Pain Relief

Bowen Therapy

Bowen therapy, also known a Bowen technique has been known over the years as a simple and unique therapy that can help you to be relieved easily on any kind of pain. The therapy is done gently and works for all ages, both the elderly and the children

Although, Bowen therapy has no formal training, it is being recommended by medical practitioners because of its effectiveness.

It origin is traced to Australia but is now widely known all over the world. Tom Bowen known as a gifted healer without any medical knowledge developed this therapy while he was working as a concrete worker.

He used this holistic therapy to treat lots of his patients and thereafter opened his own clinic where people come for massage. He was well known as a result of his gentle type of therapy and he has been able to treat effectively over 100.000 patients on a yearly basis. `

How It Works

Although Bowen therapy has recorded a huge success in the treatment of various body pains, some people still complain if its ineffectiveness. Most of these set are people that have little or no knowledge about how this works. We will be discussing this to help you know how to effectively undergo the therapy to get the best result.

It is a therapeutic massage that helps in pain relief, and treatment of different kinds of illness.

It is done by the use of light and gentle stroke using the thumbs and fingers to massage the body stimulating the Central nervous system and helping to tighten the body muscles.

Tom Bowen in his discovery got to understand that with this gentle stroke, the body is stimulated to the realm of self-healing. This means that the body is stimulated to a quick and easy recovery that it should be.

Humans naturally have the tendency to respond to stimuli quickly. If you have ever experience burnt on your body, you will discover that the body responds faster to the fire. Sometimes certain conditions could reduce the systems responds to external stimuli.

In this case, the Bowen therapy can help you to resuscitate the system to normalcy.

The Bowen massage is made up of four principles known as the Bowen move. One of the principles is the gentle rolling of the hand. The therapist rolls his hand and stops after about two minutes to give space for the body to rest.

Another principle is the break or pause from time to time

Bowen according to his discovered said that it is not good for the body to be made to work continuously, which is why the therapist has to pause a while when massaging.

The therapist use the pressure appropriate for the body to avoid over working the system.

This process makes the body to be so relaxed that on most occasions, the patients sleep off even before the massaging process is over,

Another principle of Tom Bowen therapy is that you should avoid alternative treatment when you are using bowel technique. This principle does not showcase Bowen therapy as the best; rather it is in order allow the body heal effectively without any interruption.

Using another technique might interact with the healing process of the system which might not give you the result that you desire.

It is also very important to get the qualified therapist to get good results with Bowen Therapy.

How Many Sessions Will Patients Need?

A lot of people are unaware of how long a session of Bowen therapy will last. However, there is no stipulated time as it differs with the severity of the patient’s condition. It could last between 45 to 1 hour as the case might be. Your therapist might recommend that you have like 2 to 3 other sessions to watch your improvement to ascertain if you could continue or not.

Benefits of Bowen Therapy

  • It is used to treat varieties of conditions, ranging from Adrenal Exhaustion Allergy, Angina Pain, Asthma, Backache, blood impurities, breast lumps and lots of other conditions.
  • It is effective and the results are long lasting
  • It is recommended for all ages irrespective of the gender
  • It is safe with little or no side effect
  • Bowen therapy helps you to relax better
  • It helps you remain healthy by ensuring that the organs of the body mind are well balanced. Naturally you remain in better health condition when the body mind is relaxed

To sum it up, Bowen therapy is a good therapy and is recommended for all ages and for any pains in any part of the body. However, ensure that you go for the best therapist to do a professional work for you.

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