Chemotherapy Hair Loss – Can We Prevent it?

It is possible to loss ones hair due to medication that you are taking to cure a particular disease. This is especially common with those individuals who are undergoing chemotherapy. Chemotherapy hair loss is also commonly referred to as Alopecia. It is a condition in which the fast growing cells of hair follicles are damaged during this treatment process. Fortunately, it is not permanent and patients who are undergoing chemotherapy can still grow back their hair once they finish with the treatment.

Chemotherapy Hair Loss

It is important to note that not all the drugs you take during your treatment will cause chemotherapy hair loss. Others will only serve to cause your hair to thin, and some will see you loose your hair on every part of your body, including your eyebrows. Moreover, this hair loss during this time of medication will depend on how much the individual body is able to tolerate the drug being administered. Chemotherapy hair loss can happen at the time it is expected or it could happen at the time it is least expected.

Chemotherapy Hair Loss prevention

It is possible to prevent chemotherapy hair loss. Using a cold cap the scalp of the patient is cooled down. This works to restrict the blood circulation from reaching your hair follicles by barring it from reaching that area. There are very may variations of this cold cap, and the one an individual uses is determined by the hospital he/she is in. the cap will usually be put on the patient a few minutes before he/she goes in for treatment, and after the treatment for about 2 hours. The use of this cap will mean that you stay for a longer period of time in the unit than the individual who is not using the cap. To use or not to use the cold cap to prevent chemotherapy hair loss is optional since some people can not tolerate the coldness of it. It is good to understand that the use of cold cap hair loss treatment will not determine the outcome of the treatment whether you have it on during the period or not. Moreover, the level of treatment is the same in both cases.

Most of the individuals experiencing chemotherapy hair loss are always provided with wigs that they can put over their heads to cover it. This hair loss starts to be noticed a few days after the first chemotherapy or it can become visible noticeable a few weeks after the first chemotherapy. No matter the time it starts, it is good to note that it will all grow back once the whole treatment is completed. Moreover, a maximum of six months after the final treatment you should have regained your hair back, though it will still be the fine type of hair.

The doctor will always inform you whether the type of drug you will be using will cause you hair loss or not. Furthermore, they will also help you understand why the cold cap treatment will work with certain chemotherapy drugs and not with other drugs.

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