Dandelion – benefits of using it as food and natural remedy

Dandelion tea has been used for many purposes in herbal medicine for many years. It serves a range of functions from helping to alleviate minor symptoms such as bloating to treating more serious medical issues. Although there may be questions as to how effective it is, dandelion tea is held in high regard by holistic and natural medicine practitioners. However, as with any medical condition, it is important to talk with a healthcare practitioner before beginning any kind of health regimen or treatment. In the meantime, one can consider the many dandelion tea benefits.


Other benefits of dandelion tea include the antioxidants that help the body fight bacteria and viruses. The tea is also used to help with the healing process of many serious diseases including chronic hepatitis and various jaundice disorders. Furthermore, it is believed that the tea helps fight other diseases such as cancer, heart disease and memory loss due to aging. Some also believe that it is effective in preventing and fighting disease because of its immunity boosting tendencies. People suffering from Type-1 and Type-2 diabetes also use the tea to help manage their condition as well.

Dandelion and weignt control

Of course there are other benefits not related to disease management. Many people use it for weight control and others such as weight lifters incorporate the tea into their muscle building routines. Some may even use it as a face wash to increase skin clarity and cleanse the complexion. It can even be added to a bath or gardeners can save the blossoms, leaves and/or roots after drinking to create soil compost that is rich in nutrients.

Dandelion Root uses

Dandelion Root is a blood chemical which fortifies liver capacity to scrub the body. Dandelion root ought to be plastered in a tea by blending 2-3 teaspoons of dried dandelion to some water. Dandelion leaves can likewise be eaten in a serving of mixed greens, which help in absorption yet just 2 leaves ought to be eaten day by day.

Dandelion Benefits in Natural medicine

Natural health herbs are the herbs in their natural and the purest form. These herbs are used in so many products to promote the health in a natural way without any side effects. It is the best way to achieve the health by pure means. These are very cheaper than the other chemical used products. These herbs are available for every problem you have. These health herbs are being used for last many years and have proven to be the best. You should use them every day to get the desired results. They might take more time in the results than the chemically made drugs but there is no way that you should doubt on the efficiency of herbs. You can also use certain herbs in your food. These herbs are supposed to compliment the food. There are a lot of herbs which can enhance the taste of the food. We use some of them as spices, because they should be used in small quantities because of their strong taste and effects. These health herbs are very helpful to add scents and taste for cooking. People have been using these herbs in their food for a long time. It keeps them healthy and at the same time gives an ultimate aroma to the food. Natural health herbs work obviously to decrease the symptoms of a range of health related problems. There are so many herbs like green tea, cayenne, seaweed and dandelion which help to boost the metabolism. If you have serious health problems, you should always consult your doctor first.

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