Fitbit Charge HR Review: Efficient Fitness Band for it’s Price

It left all its users extremely satisfied even when it was first launched; however, some of us felt that it could offer more. The Fitbit Charge HR did just that; it a step-counting fitness band from the house of Fitbit. In addition, the Charge HR would also track your heart rate 24/7. It would be tracking your sleep during the night, your workout during daytime, and your heart rate both when exercising and resting. What’s even more fascinating is that it is compatible with almost all major computers and smartphones available currently. Have you already decided to buy the band? Wait until you finish reading our full Fitbit Charge HR review.

Fitbit Charge HR Review

Fitbit Charge HR Review: Boasts a Basic, but Functional Design

In this Fitbit Charge HR Review we will focus on functionality and design. The appearance of the Fitbit Charge HR is almost like that of its predecessor the Charge. It features a simple wraparound rubberized band along with a slender LED display done in black. The display would inform you about the time, the number of steps you have completed, and a series of other vital data. You might not like the fact that the LED display will not be always lit. However, there’s a way out; you can configure the device to show time whenever you lift up your wrist. On the other hand, if you want to see both fitness data and time, a tap on the screen would be enough.

The band includes a typical watch buckle-like clasp. While many might find the clasp too ordinary, we really liked it. The clasp keeps the band perfectly secure on the user’s wrist and eliminates any possibility of it popping off. According to Fitbit, for getting accurate heart-rate reading, the gap between the wrist-bone of the user and the place where he or she wears the band (on the arm) should be equal to a finger’s length. However, we found that the device worked well even when worn a bit closer to the wrist than the recommended part.

Fitbit has made its Charge HR available is a number of muted shades. So, you shouldn’t find it hard to get one that suits your personality aptly. In addition, the device also comes in a range of sizes. What’s more, you will be able to adjust each of the available sizes significantly.

For charging, the band brings with it a USB dongle, a proprietary accessory of the device. The dongle will have to be plugged right into the Charge HR’s bottom. Keep the dongle at a secure place as no other charging device will be able to keep the unit running.

Fitbit Charge HR

Tracks the wearer’s heart rate 24/7

Its ability to monitor the wearer’s heart rate all through the day is the main reason why most users refer to it as the best buy Fitbit Charge HR. The moment the Charge HR will get attached, it would flash the green LEDs for gathering heart-rate info. The device will keep doing it 24/7. This, along with the unit’s built-in barometer and accelerometer, would keep gathering data on elevation (number of steps the user has climbed), ground steps, heart rate, intensity of workout sessions (running or walking), etc. In short, you will just need to wear it on the wrist and the device will start working automatically.

Like the majority of the other heart rate monitors available currently, this one also appears to work slightly more accurately when the user is resting. We found that the reading was fluctuating during active workout sessions. That’s something we even noticed in the biggies of this segment; so, we can say that the Fitbit Charge HR is as impressive as those units.

The device boasts the ability to track your individual exercise session. This can be done both by holding its side button down and by opting for the latest software update. With the software update, you will find the band sensing and tracking the workout sessions automatically. When tracking an exercising session, the device will be tracking both your peak and average heart rate during that particular session.

The app by Fitbit has also been designed pretty cleanly. You will find all the recorded heart rate data saved in the app distributed aptly in multiple charts. The Charge HR has made knowing how healthy your heart is easier by color coding the recorded data according to diverse intensity zones.


To conclude this Fitbit Charge HR review, we would like to say that the device might not be the most attractive fitness band you will come across but it would do almost everything a fitness band is expected to do. In addition, the product has been priced extremely reasonably by Fitbit.

Fitbit Charge HR
  • Fitbit Charge HR


Fitbit Charge HR might not be the most attractive fitness band you will come across but it would do almost everything a fitness band is expected to do.

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