Hair Loss during Pregnancy

Pregnancy in a woman’s life can be quite interesting and at the same time quite challenging due to the physical and emotional changes that occur in the body. The changes are known to elicit panic, worry and a lot of mood swings. Hair loss in particular is one undesired common aspect that occurs during pregnancy.

Hair loss during pregnancy

Cause of Hair Loss during Pregnancy

Hair loss during pregnancy is widely attributed to hormonal problems which occur as a result of, hormonal changes that may lead to an imbalance in the body. Such situation occurs because the body is preparing itself to accommodate a growing fetus thus; the normal cycle of hair growth is tempered with. The body at this level understands that the fetus is much too way important than hair, pre pregnancy hormone levels therefore tend to differ, leading to an imbalance and in the process hair loss occurs.

Another chief cause of hair loss during pregnancy is a under active or hyperactive thyroid gland. The gland plays an important role in the growth and mental development of fetus. The gland is known to promote growth and metabolism in the body and therefore during pregnancy the gland prioritizes the growth of the fetus as opposed to hair growth. Therefore hair loss is bound to occur as the hair is not given priority by the gland. The situation continues during breastfeeding for approximately three months and normal hair growth is achieved after a period of six months.

What else can You do?

Lack of proper nutrition during pregnancy also triggers hair loss. Remember proteins are very essential for the growth of the fetus and hair too. If one doesn’t take adequate amount of proteins, the body tends to fight for the nutrient to enable healthy growth of the baby, thus the baby again becomes a priority. As a result the hair receives less proteins leading to weak, thinning hair and eventually hair loss occurs.

Fruits and vegetables too are very vital for healthy growth of hair. If one takes minimal amounts of the above, that means your hair will receive less nutrients because the supply of nutrients goes to the baby too. Remember fruits and vegetables provide a lot of flavonoids, antioxidants that is scientifically known to protect hair follicles and stimulate hair growth. Eat healthy so that the body receives the desired amounts of nutrients needed for the growth of the baby and avoid severe cases of hair loss during this period.

The good thing about hair loss during pregnancy is that it is a temporary situation. Just like the pregnancy itself, hair loss will come to pass. One needs to take caution not to stress the hair and scalp. Stress level during pregnancy tends to be high therefore doing aggravate the situation for the scalp and hair as this will only mean massive hair loss. It is also highly recommended that during pregnancy a lady should avoid exposing her hair to heat through blow-dry and should constantly wash her hair with shampoos that have biotin and silica as they are known to add body to ones hair and promote hair growth.

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