Weight loss – how can it be healthy?

Amidst such confusion creating and clustered literature regarding weight loss, you might be right to ask how it is possible to lose weight in a healthy manner. The information in this section will enable you to make the right decision in losing weight that will not only make you look slim and smart but also mentally and physically healthy.

Weight loss can be seen as aesthetically appealing, but it is much more than just that. The basic objective of a healthy weight loss program should be to keep you active and energetic in your daily routine. You will find the instructions for losing excessive weight easy to merge in to your busy schedules. Additionally, these small changes in your routine will make you less likely to catch chronic diseases like heart problems, blood pressure and mental problems like stress and depression. The changes in diet, increase in physical activity and behavioral modifications can make a healthy weight loss possible.

Weight Loss

Dietary Changes

While losing or maintaining your weight, you should make improvements in your eating habits and physical activity. You should try to lower your calorie intake. Eat a variety of foods, like whole grains, fruits and vegetables. And avoid processed and fatty foods and limit sugar intake.

‘Dietary changes have the primary role in reducing weight, exercise comes next. Anyone who wants to reduce weight should include 65-70 percent carbohydrates, 10-15 percent protein and 10-15 percent fats in their diet. Foods that grow under the soil are an abundant source of carbohydrates. Animal source provides protein and fats as well.’ says an experience dietician. ‘Now what matters is how you cook or prepare the done them. If you cool the potatoes, they will have a good amount of carbohydrates but if you fry them, 60-70 percent of fat will be included in it. Likewise, grilled chicken provides good amount of proteins but the amount of protein is reduced if it is over-fried. Therefore, combination of foods is important for a balanced and healthy diet.

It is recommended to eat five to six times a day, three small meals and some snacks in between. When you eat frequently, you keep your body active. Eating just once in bulk is not a healthy way. This slows digestion and makes the body lethargic.

Moreover, eating patterns in some parts of the world are not at all healthy. Use of excess oil and spices has a bad affect on health. Our snacks include fried or baked prove there is no portion control nor is there variety in the meals. Eating late hours is a bad habit. Having dinner at fait in the night and going to bed immediately disrupt the cycle.

You should not skip any meal especially the breakfast. When you put your body in starvation position, you tend to eat more than required in the next meal. This promotes fat storage in the body. Therefore long duration should be avoided.

Weight Loss and Physical Activity

Physical activity plays a secondary role in weight loss but it has its importance in our daily lives. You will be able to reduce weight by working on diet alone. But the difference would be that your body would start to loosen up and hang because of weight loss. Thus exercise should be done in order to keep the body tight and long term body maintenance.

There are no short cuts to reduction of weight. Simple exercises like walking, aerobics, cycling, skipping, dancing, walking on stepper or treadmill can help your body keep fit. Doing crunches helps reduce the tummy. Try to do these at least 30 minutes a day five days a week or it can be done in short spurts of 10 minutes equaling 30 minutes a day. The goal is to burn calories. If you don’t find time for regular wight loss exercises, keep yourself physically busy in your routine. Using stairs instead of elevator and creating opportunities for a brisk walk can be a healthy addition to your routine.


There is more to changing your lifestyle than just choosing different foods and including more activity in your routine. It also involves changing your approach to eating and activities. This means, you need to change the way you think, feel and act. Anybody can reduce weight but its long term maintenance is the main issue.

The following guidelines will make long lasting changes in your take towards weight loss:

  • Work on a strategy (both in diet and exercise) that will gradually change your habits.
  • Set realistic goals that you can follow. For example, you will walk 30 minutes a day.
  • Avoid unhealthy foods or meals in big portions that are your favorite. If you crave for fast food, keep it out of your door.
  • Monitor your weight regularly.
  • Be consistent in what you do.

If you have made this far in reading how you can shed the extra pounds, it means that you are health conscious. That is very good, now all you need to do is to develop patience and consistency in behavior. You should not think that the gym has a magic wand and spending just a couple of months will transform you into your dream figure. Experts say that of you are obese, it will take at least six months to make your body any closer to the ideal healthy state you want to be. So be ready to make the changes permanently into your life, enjoy healthy food and exercise in your routine. No matter how busy you are, you can come up with ideas to incorporate dietary changes and healthy physical activity into your life.

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