Lack Of Sleep or Insomnia And How To Overcome It

The human body is like a well oiled machine and it works properly because there are a number of organs which work in perfect harmony and uniform. Our body needs regular rest and there is no doubt that quality is sleep is extremely important to say the least. However, there could be many situations where the body could be deprived of sleep. If lack of sleep continues for a considerably long period of time it could result in various problems.

While normally a man falls asleep within a few minutes of lying down on the bed, there could be many who could suffer from insomnia which in other words is inability to fall asleep. It is quite possible that it could happen rarely because of physical and mental conditions. However, if it becomes a pattern and lasts beyond a few weeks or days, then there certainly is a need to find out ways and means to overcome it and find remedial measure.

Lack of Sleep

Lack Of Sleep – What It Could Cause

There is no doubt that lack of sleep could cause a number of problems and the list is quite big. The worst part is that in many cases we may not be aware that it is being caused from sleep deprivation. However, let us try and find out a few causes and effects of lack of sleep. To begin with it could impair cognitive and behavior patterns if a person is deprived of sleep for days at length. He or she might become listless and could they could face difficult in their normal behavior and may also not be able to do their normal duties regularly.

Impaired Digestions

It has been found that those who suffer from lack of quality sleep also often suffer from other related secondary manifestations. These could include impaired digestive functions, indigestion, lack of appetite, flatulence, gas and other such problems. There could also be many people who could have abnormal craving for food and that too at wrong times of the day. Hence impairment of the digestive system without any doubt is one of the biggest problems with associated with lack of sleep.

Respiratory Problem

Since lack of sleep for extended periods of time could weaken the immune system, it is also quite possible that such persons could be regular victims of respiratory problems. You could be often suffering from influenza and common colds. They also could often suffer from breathing problems, asthma and if left untreated it also could lead to COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

Damage To Immune System

When a person is in deep sleep our body produces protective cytokines and antibodies which have the capacity of fighting infections caused by viruses and bacteria. At the same time these antibodies also help in repairing cells of the body and assist in many other ways. However, should a person not be able to sleep because of various reasons, it is quite possible that he or she could see the immune system getting damaged quite badly and this could create more problems than solutions. Hence it is important to ensure that sleep disturbance is corrected as early as possible.


Damage To Cardiovascular System

If a person is suffering from high blood pressure, blocked or clogged arteries, it is important for them to have quality rest and sleep. Depriving such persons of sleep because of various reasons could result in the exacerbation of the problem in more ways than one. Many people have suffered heart attacks and other heart problems because of lack of quality sleep.

Hence there is no doubt that lack of sleep could lead to a number of other problems. It is therefore important to overcome the problem. However, it may not be proper to depend on medication alone and one should look at natural ways and means by which the problem can be overcome. Let us try and find out a few such natural ways by which problem of inadequate sleep or complete lack of it can be overcome.

Get Away From Digital Stimulation

Today one of the main reasons for lack of sleep could be attributed to technology. Hence if you are suffering from poor quality of sleep it would be better to stay away from TV, computers, mobile games and also be away from social media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and other such things. They spoil sleep and disturb the sleep rhythm and pattern very badly.

Reduce Of Give Away Coffee And Other Beverages

Those who are suffering from acute or chronic sleep disorders would always be better advised to stay away from caffeinated drinks as much as possible. Though it might be okay to have a cup or two, if the problem is acute and severe, it would be advisable to stay away from such drinks almost totally till such time the problem gets reduced.

Have Your Dinner At Least Four Hours Before Going To Bed

Heavy stomach could often impair good sleep and therefore it would not be a bad idea to go in for dinner three to four hours before going to bed. Drinking a glass of water before lying on the bed would also not be a bad idea. Further you could also opt for a light dinner instead of stuffing your body with heavy food which could play a part in damaging the quality of sleep. People who suffer from insomnia often have digestive problems and eating late dinner could lead to exacerbation of the problem leading to lack of sleep.

Find A Way To Keep Worries And Stress At Bay

One of the biggest reasons for sleep deprivation could be stress and worries. While there is no way we can keep out stress and worries out of our daily life, it would not be a bad idea to find out ways and means by which worries and stress can be kept out before going to bed. Reading a good book or listening to some favorite music could be effective ways to keep stress and worries from causing problems with your sleep.

Hence if you look around there are quite a few natural ways by which lack of sleep can be handled naturally. Exercising in the morning and keeping weight under check could also be an important way to overcome this problem.

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