Major Cause of Hair Loss

The most known main cause of hair loss in most people is baldness. It is a common phenomenon that affects both men and women of all origins and countries. Baldness is caused by the decrease in the number of active hair follicles. Although this affects many individuals, especially as the hormones change as people age, certain hormonal changes, the genetic make up of particular individuals and some diseases makes others loose more hair early in their life.

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What is the Main Cause of Hair Loss?

Baldness, or Androgenetic Alopecia as it is known in the scientific circles, is the number one cause of hair loss. It is a universal change in male and female alike. This means that you can find patterns of male baldness and you can find female baldness patterns. Baldness in men is at a 95% level worldwide with more of this percentage being men over 35 years of age. For others they experience cases of baldness as early as by their 25th year. Baldness in male is shaped in the form of a horse shoe. This is because it is the middle top part of the hair that recedes back as the sides and back of the head remains intact with hair.

There is no known cause of baldness in men, though it is well documented that the genetics of an individual plays a major role as a cause of hair loss. Another cause of hair loss for bald men is the androgen hormones such as testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It is believed that the more androgens a man has, the faster they get to loose their hair.

It is possible to know whether you have the male baldness pattern by looking at the men in your ancestry, especially your relatives. This means that you check on both your father and mother’s side of relatives. You do not have to go any further, since the best pattern can be detected from you father or grandfather. The most telling sign of a baldness cause of hair loss would be the hair pattern of your mother’s father.

This cause of hair loss in women is not very much common, but is possible to find those who have been affected. Furthermore, it develops much slowly in women than in men making it less noticeable on women. They too can inherit the bald type of hair loss from their mothers as it is easy to get from the fathers side of the family. Male baldness patterns begin to manifest themselves slowly during the time of their puberty. For some it comes very fast and to others it may not come at all even if your lineage has men with baldness.

There are very many causes of hair loss but the most popular, especially among men is baldness. This cause of hair loss, however, does not only affect men. It is possible to find women baldness patterns though they are less noticeable and slower to develop. Moreover, it can only be seen when these women reach puberty. This baldness also happens at the top of the women’s heads.

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