Best Ways to Cure Shoulder Blade Pain

Have you ever felt that sharp and annoying pain between shoulder blades? And no matter what remedy you seem to turn to, it just will not seem to get reduced or go away? There I quite a good chance that this type of pain is the result of bad posture. If you make a wise decision in changing your posture to a healthier one then, your shoulder blade pain can reduce considerably. There are quite a few reasons behind shoulder blade pain and steps that you can follow in order to completely get cured of shoulder blade pain in such a way that you will never have to worry about it again. Here are a few tips on how you can do this.

Shoulder blade pain - pain between shoulder blades

Causes of Shoulder Blade Pain

There is a good chance that the shoulder blade pain that you are experiencing is coming from your muscles or joints. However, there can be quite a few other reasons for the pain. These reasons can be quite sinister. It is important to recognize if you have any of the following conditions first.

  • Nerve or other related issues
  • Heart disease
  • Lung conditions
  • History of cancer
  • Abdominal conditions
  • Shingles
  • Osteoporosis

If you have suffered or still suffer from any of these conditions, then it is important to consult a medical professional to ensure that these conditions do not affect you while going for exercises.

How Posture can be the Primary Cause

Bad posture can overwhelm the muscles around the shoulder area and result in shoulder blade pain. Simply put, having bad posture causes your shoulder muscles to do twice the work in order to pull the shoulder back. No matter how conscious you think you are about this, it really is not going to make much of a difference. This is mainly because of the fact that all this happens at a sub-conscious level. This extra work increases for every minute of time that you spend having bad posture. Ultimately, this can cause very painful conditions involving your shoulder blades.

Steps to Eliminate Pain Between Shoulder Blades

Here are a few steps that can help you in overcoming and eliminating pain between the shoulder blades for good.

Workstation Optimization

It is nearly impossible to have good posture when your workstation is not at an optimal position. The math is quite simple, having a good workstation can enhance a better posture considerably.

Posture Correction

It doesn’t really take rocket science to fix your posture. However, it isn’t as simple as sitting straight either. An ideal posture is to have your ear canal, shoulder joint and hip joint aligned. Usually, there are deviations from this ideal posture. The most common of these deviations are as follows:

  • Rounded Shoulders
  • Rotated to one side
  • Tilted to one side
  • Just fixing any of these deviations to the ideal posture can help eradicate this pain.
  • Massage

In the case of a lot of tension in the muscle and joint area, a massage is a good option. You can use a massage ball to massage yourself. A lacrosse ball is the most ideal as it has the right amount of firmness and is not too uncomfortable to use. This is how to use the ball to massage ideally.

  • Place the ball at the area where you have pain between the shoulder blades.
  • Try to shift your body weight up and down so that the ball can move around the target area.
  • If you want more, then proceed to move your arm in an up/down motion.
  • The more the pain during the massage, the more tension in the muscle.
  • Do not stop doing this for a good 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Stretching

Overactive muscles can hurt the most. By stretching the muscles will relax and thus it can help reduce the pain. Stretching is basically a game of different angles. Stretch in every possible way to help your muscles relax. This being said, it is important not to overstretch the muscle as this may make the muscle weaker. Aim to stretch only to the point where the muscle relaxes.

Releasing Tight Muscles

There can be other muscles that pull the shoulder muscles out of the ideal posture. This may make you shoulder muscles to work harder to pull the body back to its original alignment. The best example of this scenario is the game of tug of war. As one side pulls hard, the other side must pull harder to overcome the resistance. Reducing the tension in these other muscles by stretching can reduce the cause for shoulder muscles to work harder.

Enhancing Shoulder Mobility

If there is no proper shoulder mobility, then this will have its aftermath on shoulder muscles. There are quite a few shoulder muscle stretching techniques that can enhance shoulder mobility. These exercises work on internal rotation in order to help reduce shoulder muscle pain.

Strengthening Postural Muscles

After the shoulder muscles are loosened up then it is crucial to strengthen your postural muscles in order to ensure that the pain does not return. These exercises can be done by maintaining the ideal posture. Exercises may be the wall angel exercise or even the prone arm circles exercise. Ultimately, you do need to improve posture as this is the primary method of reducing the chances of future shoulder blade pain.

Postural Taping

Another way to improve your posture is by taping your shoulder so that it prevents you from defaulting back to your bad postural habits. There are many different ways of taping that can help in ensuring that the posture remains ideal.

How long it takes?

There are no overnight fixes for such conditions and thus it is important not to have a specific time expectation. Basically, this can take as long as it takes. Just because you do not see results instantly, does not mean that it isn’t working. Be patient with you time and efforts. Remember that persistence is key. Take control of the situation. Ignoring the problem and deciding that the problem can be solved later can lead to greater and more serious problems in the future. If you do experience pain even after all of these methods then do consider consulting with a physiotherapist.

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