Walnut Oil Benefits For Your Health And Beauty

There are numerous health benefits of walnut oil. Walnut is a nut cultivated from any walnut tree. It has been cultivated for thousands of years from with the different types having varying origins. The English walnut originated in India and its surrounding regions the Caspian Sea, hence the name the Persian walnut. The black and white walnuts are natives to North America, precisely the Central Mississippi Valley and Appalachian area. These walnuts are known to have very vital roles in the diets and lifestyles of both the early colonial settlers and the Native American Indians.

Research has it that China is the largest commercial producer of walnut globally, producing close to about 360,000 metric tons produced yearly. It’s seconded by the United States with a yearly production of 294,000 metric tons in which about 90% are grown in California. The annual combined total output of walnut produced by both Iran and Turkey is approximately same as that produced by United States alone, followed by that produced by both Ukraine and Romania.

What is Walnut Oil?

Having briefly explained Walnut, guess you might also be wondering what Walnut oil is. Well Walnut Oil are nut oil obtained from walnuts. With the different types of Walnuts so are there various types of walnut oil. Irrespective of the varieties of walnut oil, the all have similar health benefits. Listed below are some of its numerous health benefits which walnut oil very useful for personal use, commercial and domestic use.

Walnut Oil Benefits

Cardiovascular Benefits

Walnut Oil has been researched and proved to be of great benefit to the human heart and circulatory system. Our various cardiovascular systems must be able to function in a very healthy way in order to respond properly to stimuli. These aspects include: proper blood composition, ample presence of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrients, correct balance in inflammation regulating molecules, and adequate composition in our blood vessel walls. Walnut oil aids in proper vascular reactivity such as in the ability of our blood vessels to respond quickly to various stimuli in a healthy manner.

Anti-Cancer Benefits

Given the wide variety of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrients this oil offers, it’s not surprising to note that this oil is also of anti-cancer benefits. The antioxidant properties of walnut oil aids in lowering the risk of chronic oxidative stress, while its anti-inflammatory properties aids in lowering the risk of chronic inflammation. Prostate cancer and breast cancer which have been proven to be the best-studied types of cancer with respect to walnut intake, have been found to be reduced by fairly large amounts of walnut oil consumption.

Walnut oil for Wood Finish

A combination of the use of walnut oil to polish your wooden products, such as your wooden handles, wooden furniture, wooden cutting boards, leaves a nice glossy finish on the wood.

Walnut oil for Healthier skin

Walnut oil can be applied undiluted on the skin. Applying walnut oil regularly in small quantity aids in reducing the various signs of ageing and wrinkles by applying it on the skin and massaging the skin in a circular motion. It also aids in the protecting the skin against radical damage as applying it on the skin enables the storage of many antioxidant compounds which in turn provides antioxidant power. Finally, another skin benefit of walnut oil is in the relieving of fungal infections of skin. Applying it on fungal infections like ringworm, candidiasis and athlete’s foot helps kill these fungi.

Walnut oil for Hair

Applying walnut oil directly to the hair makes it glossy and smooth. However, greater health benefits can be achieved taking walnut oil in diet. This is owing to its high omega-6 content. A deficiency of omega-6 may lead to stunted hair growth, therefore having adequate omega 6 nutrient in the body will improve hair growth. It can also be added to egg yolk and applied on the hair to create a protein enriching hair treatment as the nutrients in egg yolks are being absorbed in the skin’s scalp in presence of healthy fatty acids from walnut oil. This however, penetrates deep into the hair follicles thereby boosting the protein content of hair shafts.

Walnut Oil Massage

Having a simple massage using walnut oil relieves aids in eliminating arthritic pain, muscular pain, and any general pain sensation relieves. This which acts as a natural analgesic, it reduces sensational pains. It also aids in the release of excess cholesterol from the body. Other health benefits of walnut oil includes reduction of inflammation all over the body, aids in dealing with stress and it also aids in improving mental faculties and lower stress naturally.

Walnut oil for Paint Thinners and Medium

Walnut oil is a non-toxic and harmful oil painting medium. It is used by many artists as a nice solvent for paints. Secondly, it is also a very good paint thinner as it is used to dissolve paint from the brush completely.

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